The Factory

The ANMA factory is located in Melbourne West, Victoria – Australia’s golden dairy region. The factory covers more than 8000 square metres and is built to exceed local and international dairy manufacturing standards.

ANMA is an Australian-based enterprise equipped with modern processing lines and facilities specialising in handling highly sensitive dairy products.  Our highly trained and qualified staff adhere to the highest standards set out by Dairy Food Safety Victoria (DFSV) and the Department of Agriculture (DA) for manufacturing licenses with HACCP and other quality assurance systems to actively promote ‘ Healthy, Natural and Safe’ products.

High-clean and aseptic production environment

In the 100,000-grade GMP purified food production workshop, the high standard of cleanliness requirements for operators and advanced fully automated manufacturing lines provide an all-around guarantee for product safety.

Nitrogen-filled freshness preservation technology

Using Australian premium milk source, combined with advanced equipment and technology, scientifically retaining nutrients, and preserving the fresh nutrition of dairy products.

Multilane Powder Stick Packaging Machine

The largest production equipment in Australia, forming 10 small strips at a time. High production efficiency and guaranteed output.

Laser printing in the packaging stage for product traceability

Product traceability helps to ensure product origins and maintain high standards of production policies and quality of products.

ANMA is located in Melbourne west, Victoria - Australia's golden dairy region. Victoria dominates the dairy industry in Australia, producing over 65 per cent of Australia's fresh milk.

Contact Info

29 Paramount Boulevard, Derrimut, Melbourne, Vic 3026
TEL: +61 03 9363 8988

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