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Australian based we aim for the highest levels of manufacturing excellence and quality control. Having the backing of the Australian and Victorian Milk industry as our source and suppliers, there can be no doubt we are using the best in the world class of product.

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ANMA exceeds customer requirements with superior milk powders and blends. This is demonstrated by our customer growth, the customer takes up feedback.

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Our aim is to ensure that you will never doubt the quality and expertise that goes into delivering our products to you and your family.

About ANMA

Investors backed Australian Natural Milk Association Pty Ltd (ANMA) has entered the Australian dairy market with a strong network of suppliers and backers. This followed by new manufacturing sites such as the one in Derrimut is state of the art and provides great access to markets both in Australia and overseas.

OEM Showcases

We offer manufacturing services to all local and oversea brand


Golden Koala is a classic milk powder brand from Australia, with a range of products including infant formula, high-calcium adult milk powder, lactoferrin milk powder, etc. It is sold simultaneously in Australia, China, and other overseas countries and regions. Golden Koala is a high-quality nutritional milk powder recommended to China by former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on behalf of Australia and is also a safe imported milk powder recommended by the Ministry of Commerce of China, which is loved and trusted by thousands of consumers and conveys the pure and ecological food concept of Australia.


BTN is a famous food manufacturer in Australia, with the research and development concept of “back to nature” and the original and health, relying on an advanced technology team, developed a series of healthy dairy products, and according to different groups of people to carry out product segmentation, with scientific formulations to meet the different needs of different people for nutrition. BTN uses strict acceptance standards to test milk sources and cold chain transportation and introduces HACCP quality and safety system with full traceability to ensure the quality safety and health of the entire product line.


The milk powder used in JAT’s new ione milk powder range is sourced from Australian free-range cows. In accordance with modern health concepts, ione milk’s full cream and skim milk powders are high in calcium and protein and low in sodium. They contain no artificial flavours or colouring.


Neurio, JAT’s most well-known brand in the Asian market, offers a large range of products focussed on supporting the health of people of all ages, from babies to seniors, through its large range of nutritional milk powder formulations and other products.


Jinvigorate is JAT’s latest brand. This brand will include a range of milk powder-based healthy supplements for people who are looking for products with specific functions to support their health, such as low GI, low sugar or sodium content and the like. The first product in this range will be launched in February 2021, with other products to follow during the year.


Moroka is a nutritionally complete and easily absorbed scientifically based formula. It contains immunoglobulins (IgG) which support the immune system to fight infections, Lactoferrin which regulates iron absorption and Fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS) which supports a healthy gut function and reduces constipation.

ANMA is located in Melbourne west, Victoria - Australia's golden dairy region. Victoria dominates the dairy industry in Australia, producing over 65 per cent of Australia's fresh milk.

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